Friday, October 24, 2008

New Direction and NFL Picks

In thinking about my blog, I realized that in so many ways I was just creating my own version of an of blog. It had my thoughts, etc, but a blog that follows games is out there already. So I thought perhaps I could bring something different ... a blog that actually teaches people who do not know much about sports. In the coming weeks I will cover the basics of football and basketball (with baseball season ending I cannot see much of a reason to cover it right now). I will explore general topics, such as positions, basic offenses, defenses, etc as well as delving into details and specifics about weird rules, etc. It should be fun. Look forward to that in the upcoming weeks!

Now for my picks!

Bucs over Cowboys
Redskins over Lions
Bills over Dolphins
Pats over Rams
Chargers over Saints
Jets over Chiefs
Falcons over Eagles
Ravens over Raiders
Panthers over Cardinals
Jags over Browns
Texans over Bengals
Giants over Steelers
49ers over Seahawks
Titans over Colts

There you have it. What an amazing set of games, particularly that Monday night game! Should be a fun weekend!