Saturday, October 4, 2008

Heart Attack Bucks

Okay so Pryor scores with just over a minute left and the Buckeyes win - I'm sorry I doubted them ... Pryor is definitely something else though and it is so good to have Beanie Wells all the way back. Guess I still have to pull for some more losses by top teams so the Buckeyes can hope the third time is the charm in the BCS Championship.

Okay, I change my mind ...

I think I have changed my mind ... Oregon State just might be better than Oregon.

Oregon looks absolutely terrible right now against USC - perhaps their good record so far really is just a result of an easy schedule thus far. The Beavers beat USC and pushed Utah to the limit -- seems much more convincing than what I'm seeing from the Ducks right now.

And, of course, Ohio State is doing be proud and losing to Wisconsin. Plenty of time left, but I just wonder if the Bucks will make my life easy, get out of the BCS picture this week and then I can kick back and just enjoy all the college games without worrying whether my team will make a BCS bowl.

USC and Oregon

I've been watching USC/Oregon. For the first few minutes there is looked like maybe Oregon was going to pull an Oregon State on USC. Now at half time - not so much. USC has turned it on and turned it on fast. They once again look like one of the best teams in the NCAA.

What is it about USC? Do they just always get lazy for one game against a Pac-10 team? I just can't figure it out. When I see how they can score 17 points as quickly as they did against a good Oregon team, I just have no idea how they can lose to a team like Oregon State (I'm not saying OSU is bad - they did give Utah a run, but they are not as good as Oregon).

Pete Carroll is a great coach, but year after year his team loses a dumb game to a team they should cream and they miss a chance to go to the BCS championship (though they probably would been a better choice over Ohio State the last two years even with the losses- and I'm a Buckeye fan). Someone explain it to me? Coaching issues? Player overconfidence? What? Oh well ... back to watching them make Oregon look bad.

NFL Week 5

Twice now I have tried to put up my picks for NFL Week 5 along with the reasons for my picks. Twice now my computer has killed Firefox in the middle of my blog. Therefore, here are my picks without reasons (so I can get them typed up fast enough). This makes me sad, because I do have good (and maybe bad) reasons for my picks, but I give up on the computer. Maybe next week I will be able to do better.

Tenn @ Baltimore - Tennessee
Kansas City @ Carolina - Carolina
Chicago @ Detroit - Chicago
Atlanta @ Green Bay - Green Bay
Indy @ Houston - Indy
San Diego @ Miami - San Diego
Seattle @ New York Giants - NYG
Washington @ Philadelphia - Washington
Tampa Bay @ Denver - Denver
Buffalo @ Arizona - Arizona
Cincinnati @ Dallas - Dallas
New England @ San Fran - New England
Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville - Jacksonville
Minnesota @ New Orleans - New Orleans

There you have it. I'll be back early next week to see how well (or how poorly) I did. And again I am sorry there are no 'reasons' but I am sick of having to retype it all!