Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm sitting here watching TV and feeling mopey.  I was hanging out on the WTE forums, just cruising and I happened to look at a mom's signature that talked about breastfeeding.  For some reason all of my sadness about not being able to successfully BF Akiha came flooding back.  I stopped pumping when she was almost 7 weeks old ... she's 4 months today, I can't believe I still have those sad emotions.

Akiha is very healthy.  She is growing well, gaining well (not gaining too much either) ... she's alert, smart, learning, meeting her milestones, etc.  I know that I'm doing well by her and that I'm a good mother to her, but it still just hurts I guess.  I had intended to BF until she was 18 months if she'd have let me (right up until we wanted to try for a second child pretty much), instead she never wanted to latch without a shield and my supply was just a mess.  We worked so hard with each other, with a LC .. and I pumped exclusively for her for a few weeks, but it just was insane schedule wise, so I had to quit.

I very much intend on trying to BF my next child and I am very hopful that it will work out.  I have no idea how my emotions will react if I am successful, since I wasn't able to give that to Akiha.  Or for that matter, how I would react if it didn't work again.

I'm sure someday the emotions will fade and for the most part they are not there ... but I guess today for some reason it is bothering me.  I just have to remember that my little baby is happy and healthy and loves me to death ... and as a mom, there is little more I could need.

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