Saturday, October 4, 2008

NFL Week 5

Twice now I have tried to put up my picks for NFL Week 5 along with the reasons for my picks. Twice now my computer has killed Firefox in the middle of my blog. Therefore, here are my picks without reasons (so I can get them typed up fast enough). This makes me sad, because I do have good (and maybe bad) reasons for my picks, but I give up on the computer. Maybe next week I will be able to do better.

Tenn @ Baltimore - Tennessee
Kansas City @ Carolina - Carolina
Chicago @ Detroit - Chicago
Atlanta @ Green Bay - Green Bay
Indy @ Houston - Indy
San Diego @ Miami - San Diego
Seattle @ New York Giants - NYG
Washington @ Philadelphia - Washington
Tampa Bay @ Denver - Denver
Buffalo @ Arizona - Arizona
Cincinnati @ Dallas - Dallas
New England @ San Fran - New England
Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville - Jacksonville
Minnesota @ New Orleans - New Orleans

There you have it. I'll be back early next week to see how well (or how poorly) I did. And again I am sorry there are no 'reasons' but I am sick of having to retype it all!

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