Saturday, October 4, 2008

USC and Oregon

I've been watching USC/Oregon. For the first few minutes there is looked like maybe Oregon was going to pull an Oregon State on USC. Now at half time - not so much. USC has turned it on and turned it on fast. They once again look like one of the best teams in the NCAA.

What is it about USC? Do they just always get lazy for one game against a Pac-10 team? I just can't figure it out. When I see how they can score 17 points as quickly as they did against a good Oregon team, I just have no idea how they can lose to a team like Oregon State (I'm not saying OSU is bad - they did give Utah a run, but they are not as good as Oregon).

Pete Carroll is a great coach, but year after year his team loses a dumb game to a team they should cream and they miss a chance to go to the BCS championship (though they probably would been a better choice over Ohio State the last two years even with the losses- and I'm a Buckeye fan). Someone explain it to me? Coaching issues? Player overconfidence? What? Oh well ... back to watching them make Oregon look bad.

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