Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't Kick to Bush!

So, if you are a punter in the NFL - pay attention! Do NOT under any circumstances kick to Reggie Bush. I just don't get it. He burns the Vikings for one return for a TD, every time he has touched the ball on a kick return he has come within one or two steps of breaking it big. So what do the Vikings do? Kick one right to him, which he runs back for another touchdown. (Beautiful move on Bush's part randomly, what an electric runner!)

As for the Viks touchdown to tie the game at 27 - what a goofy looking play. I'm actually a little unsure which receiver was supposed to get the pass, but Berrian came down with it, took a nice lick from his own teammate, but held on for the score.

I have to say that Monday night football has been amazingly fun this year. Just lots of crazy plays, lots of high scoring games, just all over fun. This is why I drop everything for Monday nights!

*Thinks her dream job would be to report from the sideline on Monday nights*

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