Monday, October 6, 2008

So the Championship Series are set

Dodgers and Philles .... Red Sox and Rays ...

I honestly didn't see the games this weekend or tonight, due to my absolute obsession with football, so no series picks for me here. I will do some research though and maybe come in with some tomorrow.

The Vikes pulled out the game - two missed field goals (one of which was returned for a touchdown (a big 10 point swing)) will do that to ya. I know Grammatica has been nursing a groin injury, but you have to make those kicks. He made one from 55 (I think), so either he could have/should have hit the two he missed.

Honestly though, you can't put it all on the kicker. Did you see the first half? The Saints dominated everything, but the scoreboard (which of course is all that really matters). Really the Saints didn't really deserve to win the game. Well, I take that back - Reggie Bush deserved to win. :D Great game on his part.

Fun sports weekend overall! I am glad I got to enjoy it. I'll be back throughout the week with random thoughts, news, etc. Maybe a few rants if I can find something to get worked up about.

*I love this time of year! Yay for baseball, football, and even the preseason basketball to keep me busy!*

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