Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sacking the Quaterback

OKay, seriously ... Ben Roethlisberger gets hit, sacked, knocked around so freaking much. I saw the stat board earlier about his the most hit quarterback in the league ...

It isn't really his offensive line ... sure, they play a role in some of the hits, but Ben seems to just walk into some of them. He holds onto the ball too long, almost making it too easy for the defense.

Pittsburgh needs to work on this with their quarterback - he's already hurting from an injury sustained in Week 1 - going to be hard to completely get over that getting hit so much, not to mention the possibility of another injury.

*Glad its not her getting hit around by the Jags Defense - as if I would only get hit as many time as Ben. I'd get smacked every play*

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