Sunday, October 5, 2008

Week 5 round 2

So the second round of games for the fifth weekend of the NFL are at half time - here is what we have seen so far.

Buffalo is playing about how they always play early in a game. 1 turnover, losing the penalty battle. Now Edwards did get hurt, but Losman used to start, so at least he knows the game. If the Bills play the second half of this game, like they have done in previous weeks they definitely could beat Arizona, but at some point that it going to run out.

Cincy looks bad again. Palmer is 7 for 17 with an interception and they only have 107 yards of offense. Dallas could do themselves a favor without 42 penalty yards against them, but they will not have any trouble putting away the Bungles.

Tied game in Denver. Even the quarterback numbers are similar - 13 for 18 each early in the third with just under 200 total offensive yards for each team. This could be a good one (again I wish I could actually watch it!)

New England has the lead - Cassel's two interceptions certainly haven't helped, but New England looked good in their last drive. Moss made some catches in double coverage (though it wasn't particularly good double coverage honestly) and they punched it in on a run. Cassel manages a game well. There are few spectacular Brady-esque plays (though his one long one to Moss was pretty impressive). But New England is solid overall, so they do not need the crazy plays.

Back to watching the games ...

*Wishing I had NFL Sunday ticket ... wonder if the husband will let me spring for it for the rest of the season!!*

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