Friday, October 10, 2008

NFL Week 6 Picks

It is time for me to go out and make my picks for week 6 in the NFL. I did okay last week, 10-4, and I learned a few things. I am concerned about the Chargers; I do not understand why a team with so much talent is playing so poorly. They certainly have a lot to prove this week - if they lose their game this weekend, they can pretty much count themselves out of the playoffs. The Cowboys worry me as well. They came this close (imagine me holding my fingers less than an inch apart) to losing to the Bengals. So with those things in mind ...

Baltimore at Indy - Baltimore
I know Indy has scraped out some games, but that is why I am concerned. Last week, they needed Houston to just fall apart to win. Baltimore is not going to self destruct, not to mention the always exciting Baltimore D led by Ray Lewis.
Detroit at Minnesota - Minnesota
I think this is a fairly obvious pick. The Lions are just terrible - I am seriously starting to think that they may never win a game this year ...
Oakland at New Orleans - New Orleans
Oakland has a lot of talent, but they are just a wreck as an organization. Yes, they had a bye to start adjusting to a new coach, but that is not going to save them.
Cincy at New York Jets - New York Jets
Cincinnati has shown some fight in a few games - including their game with the Cowboys last week and the Giants a couple weeks ago. But I do not buy moral victories in football. The Bengals just are not consistent enough to win games (particularly with Palmer not starting) and Brent Favre is finally starting to gel with his Jets teammates and they will only get better as the year goes on.
Chicago at Atlanta - Chicago
This one was tough for me to pick. Atlanta is really starting to look good on offense and I am quite impressed with the play of quarterback Matt Ryan. I do not think they will beat the Bears though with the Bears' defense. Expect a good, tight game though - should be fun to watch.
Carolina at Tampa Bay - Carolina
This also could be a good game. I think Carolina's defense will make a difference in this game (I am apparently on a defense kick right now). I expect Tampa Bay to turn the ball over when facing Carolina's tough defense.
St. Louis at Washington - Washington
The Redskins just keep looking better and St. Louis is terrible, simply terrible. Enough said.
Miami at Houston - Miami
Miami is coming onto their own with their last two big wins over the Pats and the Chargers, and Houston is coming off an embarrassing loss where they self destructed. Expect Miami to continue to high and beat the Texans handily.
Jacksonville at Denver - Denver
Jacksonville is 26th against the pass, Cutler has a crazy good arm. Plus, Denver is just insane at home and their defense proved themselves a bit in the tough game against Tampa Bay last week. I don't expect this game to be that close. Denver should score easily and often.
Philly at San Fran - San Francisco
Philadelphia is beaten up. Westbrook is out. I just do not see Philly competing when they are falling apart, literally. San Francisco will come out and surprise people against the Eagles.
Green Bay at Seattle - Green Bay
This game only marginally needs an explanation. Seattle is terrible and Green Bay is a solid football team.
Dallas at Arizona - Arizona
I am not sure this is a much of an upset pick as it may initially appear. Arizona is good at home, very good and they are coming off a big win against Buffalo. Whereas, Dallas has been showing some weaknesses - they lost to Washington and just about gave the game away to Cincy. In addition, all of the drama with Adam Jones adds more difficulty to an already hurting Cowboys secondary.
New England at San Diego - New England
New England stayed on the West Coast this week, rather than travel back East and then turning back around again. Smart move - they will be better rested and more ready to play. Cassel is still not super impressive, but he manages games well and I just cannot pick the Chargers after how poorly they have played this year. They have so much talent, but they are just playing flat and while I think they are a desperate team, I just do not think things will change against what is still a solid New England team.
New York Giants at Cleveland - New York Giants
This game is pretty easy. Cleveland is not that good - despite all of the pre-season hype. Add to that, the team that I would argue is the best team in football - the Giants. Eli Manning looks very, very good and the defense of the Giants is solid as well. We may finally have a relatively boring Monday night game, after so many fun weeks so far.

So there are my picks for the NFL. Should be interesting to see how I do this weekend.

Quick thoughts on a few college games -
Florida over LSU
Oklahoma over Texas
Mizzo over Ok. St
Penn St over Wisconsin

I still am not feeling 100% confident in picking the baseball playoffs, but I do think the Dodgers will win Game 2 - they have a better pitcher going today.
Overall, I really do hope we get Dodgers vs Red Sox in the World Series, so much more fun, so much more drama in that matchup, but I do not think that is a guarantee. The Rays are playing good ball, but I do think we will see Dodgers/Red Sox. Experience for Boston will win out and the Dodgers may have lost Game 1, but they will come back to win their series.

Looking forward to a fun weekend of sports. It should be awesome.

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