Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rockin' the 2nd set of games!

I did well this afternoon (well afternoon for me in Oregon). I called all 4 games correctly.

Denver played in a defensive game - only 16-13. Much better than their performance when they let the Chiefs walk all over them. Jay Cutler continues to be very impressive - he has a bright future in the NFL.

Dallas tried to lose to the Bengals, but held onto their lead. Sloppy game though - two turnovers for each team, including one interception each. But Dallas apparently did learn from their mistake last week - give the ball to Barber and Jones! Run the ball! That is the major difference in this game and it why they lost to the Redskins last week. You simply cannot turn into a pass happy team, even with T.O, with such a potent running threat.

Buffalo was at a disadvantage losing their starting quarterback on play number 3 of the game. Kurt Warner played well - no mistakes. And Arizona simply ate Buffalo up. Buffalo had 4 turnovers, which pretty much spells death for any team.

Cassel was effective, despite two interceptions, as New England beat the 49ers. New England won the the turnover battle (all 5 turnovers in the game were interceptions) and that made a big difference. New England is not flashy or overwhelming amazing like they were last year, but they are well-coached and will not roll over just because their starting quarterback is down. I expect them to have a chance at the post season.

Watching the Jags and Steelers right now (though have been playing cards at the same time, so have been distracted a bit). Higher scoring than I expected honestly and the Steelers have dominated the 2nd quarter and are threatening again with just over a minute left. We will have to see what adjustments the Jags make at half time!

Charissa out!

*Just gotta say I love fall weekends - College football, NFL, MLB playoffs. It is a sport fan's little piece of heaven on earth!*

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