Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mistakes ....

So the Dolphins are not going to pay for their fumble on special teams, but still ..

The Dolphins have been dominating the Chargers. Sure, the Chargers had a good drive for a touchdown in the third quarter, but the Dolphins were getting the ball back with a chance to go up two scores again. What do they do - fumble the kick off return, giving San Diego awesome field position and a chance to tie the game. Great teams do not make those mistakes - those kind of mistakes cost teams games.

For the Dolphins to completely convince me - they have to stop making these kind of mistakes, even if this one did not end up costing them.

Much credit though to the Dolphins defense for making up for the mistake of the special teams with a phenomenal goal line stand. Don't want to take away from that.

Oh yeah, and how about the Redskins now leading in their game against the Eagles.

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