Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Impressions Week 5

Well, half way through the first round of NFL games today and there are lots of crazy things right now.
Chicago,Carolina and the Giants are definitely performing as expected .. but the Dolphins are once again direct snapping to Brown and making the Chargers D look bad. The Dolphins are simply dominating the game all the way around. Maybe they aren't so bad after all?
Matt Ryan looks good for the Falcons and they are beating the Pack.
Indy's defense gave up 17 points in the second quarter, but I wouldn't count them out yet. I've seen Peyton just do crazy things in the 2nd half, so if their D wakes up they will be fine.
Washington/Philly is close as I expected - I'm sad that I do not actually get that game live. It would be fun to watch.
As for Baltimore and Tennessee - what more could we have expected - a tough, hard nose defensive battle with interceptions on both sides. Kerry Collins' experience should get the Titans through the second half and help them come out with a win.

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